Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Fresh Start !

“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!” ― C. JoyBell C.

Another year is coming to an end. This year went swooshing by, as though every moment had something  more important to do. Some of us might be feeling helpless and overwhelmed by the end, while some would be exhilarated to welcome the new beginning. Sadly, for some, it might be just another day. Sometimes I wonder, is New Years really that important? or, do we augment it's importance in the desperate need of finding a cause to celebrate life ?

What does New Years say to us ? Resolutions, scrapping old furniture, new clothes, new friends, new work place, most of all, a fresh START. So, does this fresh start come so effortlessly to us  ? Is it that easy to let it all go and never look back ? Well, we all would have disparate answers to such questions. It has never been a cakewalk to anyone, but it all comes to down to one thing at the end, did you SURVIVE?

How do we acquire this much needed beginning ? Do you wait for all of it to fall in place ? Do you commit to your today and not worry for the future ? Do you refrain from breaking down ? Sometimes yes ! Sometimes no ! Also, like they say, leave it onto time. Time heals, time tells, time reveals. Those are clichés, you might say. Only such clichés keep life going and most of them are believed to be true.

The most alluring part about New Year would be about pulling yourself together for a new start and holding onto life with a grappling hook, no matter how painful it has been to deal with things that have gone off the rails in your dreadful past. It all comes to light when you experience an epiphany, don't you think so?

Let's raise the bar with the coming year. Love a little more, hold on a little longer. Few tears, few smiles. Something painful, something beautiful. A dark room, a ray of hope. A broken relationship, a new shoulder to lean on. You fall, you stand up. You fail, you win. Fading dusk, shimmering dawn. Pensive you, Intrepid you. Love, hate. An exuberant journey awaits you.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Idiot Box !

Remember the times when you walk into your house and find all the ladies of the house glued to the television? It's like our mothers don't exist in this world anymore and until its midnight, they refuse to depart from the screen. *Statutory Warning: DO NOT WAKE THE MOTHERS WHILE WATCHING TELEVISION.*

Seriously, what's the deal with you guys? Why this kolaveri di for us I ask ?!

TV stars are earning big bucks these days with the rising value of the industry. Who increases the TRP for all their shows and furnish their apartments by the beachside ? Our susceptible MOTHERS ! Oh ! What an overweening moment !

I tried to understand the (black)magic of this tiny world, which left me perplexed. So, here are my pearls of wisdom.

The saas-bahu edge-of-the-seat drama!
Have you ever experienced something so bad that tears open all the neurons in your head ? If you haven't, then all the daily soaps are here to dwell you in the psychotic drama. Also, they charge you for the cable ! Hey, don't blame them, it is an art to make people throw up incessantly ! Oh ! The saas and bahu rewind-and-repeat-sequence of the slaps with the nerve-wracking background score, the extra marital affairs and their debauched lives. Lord, save us !

The walking dead !

Do I need to explain this ? No, I'm not talking about vampires and zombies. As eerie as it sounds for us unconventional ones, the uncanny daily soap guys find this very silly. Hello ! Stop judging, their dead ones emerge effortlessly from the graves and this stunt requires no thunderstorms or witches. Sometimes, they even get an insane plastic surgery done with no signs of PTSD. Yes, they are that nonchalant. I told ya, they're not from this planet.

The blessed ones !
All the daily soap ladies have an astounding gift. And what is that ? They can wake up from sleep, cook, play politics, stab each others back but ! Not a strand of their hair will get messed up, their lip gloss never dries out, they wear expensive jewellery even while cooking(they never get robbed too) and their sarees never get crumbled even while getting straight out of bed. WOW ! I'm seriously feeling insecure and covetous. o.0

The reality shows !
I'll just say one thing about this, all ogres at one place, left open to pry on each other. So, I'll leave it you for
the imagination.

Before I wrap it up, a lil' something for all the CID fans because CID is always LEGEN-wait for daya to bang open the door-DARY :D

Thursday, 24 October 2013

SMART-phone is the new SEXY !

Gone are those times when you had to wait till dawn and walk to the telephone booth, stand in long queues to make a phone call. From the time of birds carrying messages to the time of twitter, we have come a long way. I mean, how cool is that ? Parents are literally dragging their kids to school. Nah! Not because they do not want to be at school, they just want parents to authorize for the phone to tag along.

Let's look at the magic beans smartphones have spilled in our life !

A smartphone makes your mother and father more smart ! Oh, the horror !
Do you remember those days when parents never even knew how to text and now, they're all over social networks ! How many of us flip out at their add requests, change display pictures and lock your phones ?
The last thing I want is for my mother to subscribe to my updates. Hell NO !

A smartphone saves you from SWAG, YOLO crap ! Voila !
We know, you want to walk in to a crowd looking all cool and bursting with attitude. Stop right there. Please save us all from the glittery crap smeared all over your body and grab a smartphone already ! Hey that ryhmed ! Anyway, using words like SWAG, YOLO, CRAY-CRAY, MERKED and other nonsensical words is NOT COOL. What's cool ? Your smartphone !

A smartphone will want to you to get hooked to anything that owns a DSLR !
Mirror, mirror on the wall, Which picture is more sexy on my FACEBOOK wall ! Like I read somewhere, insert rich brat name* photography. Everywhere! Argh ! People, leave it for the professional photographers to have that entitlement. Why do you social birds have to poke your nose in everything ?Every girl finds a photographer hot these ays. Ugh !  Making memories ? I cannot fathom that anymore.

A smartphone can rip of any relationship to pieces and shove the ashes in your face !

One simple statement to justify to this, the "last seen at" feature of whatsapp. I actually knew a couple who called it off because of this madness. If whatsapp is already ruining lives, Facebook, twitter and all other birds had to eat away the last piece of cake too.

I have ranted enough. I'll shut up now, so all you social birdies out there, have a SEXY day ;)

Saturday, 24 August 2013

In her Memories !

Over the years, I built an illusion for myself. A figment of an imaginary world, where I had this mirage of her being alive there. I could feel her presence, I could see her smile, which dazzles me like always. Sure, it is just a fallacy of my life. But this apparition made me happy. I wanted to just close my eyes and stay there forever, because if I woke up, she vanished. I do not know if this sounds eerie to normal people, but this illusion has now become a part of my life, which keeps me alive.

I tried in numerous ways to relinquish my life. The desire of not wanting to wake up to another day without her was so desolating, but yet again fate didn't let me have my will. I always found it preposterous when people embraced suicide over living a challenging life. Cowards, I thought. Ironically, I now feel, giving up my life is a far kinder alternative than to die every day without the presence of your treasured one. I do know that, in the course of life, people come and go. But she wasn't a part of the ordinary bunch for me. She was an archangel who walked into the darkness of my life. Every man who ever loved a woman would say the same, but not every man is unfortunate to watch his precious one evanescence to another world leaving behind a shattered heart. I know nothing about moving on in life and I chose not to ever know about it. I often get perplexed, when people preach me about the same. I really wonder, how can you learn to ignore a part of your life and pretend it never existed ?

While I was lost, exasperating on the doom of my life, sitting at my front porch, the vehicles by the road brought me back to reality with their loud noises. It was then, I began to recollect how it all happened. I was returning back home, excited and anxious. Seated in my cab, I was envisaging on how I should be responding when she tells me the much awaited news with glittering eyes. I was so elated because we were trying to have a baby for sometime now. Recently, when my precious felt sick, we both anticipated that it was finally happening and we got some tests done in that regard. The reports were due that day.

My cab halted at the gate. I didn't find her running to me and embracing me, like she does every time. I started to realize that something went wrong. As I walked further towards the house, I noticed her seated at the porch, with a traumatic look on her face. Seeing me arrive, she stood up on her staggering feet and fell on my shoulder. She wept, I do not remember for how long she did that. When I asked her the reason, she placed a file, with the hospital's name on it. I opened it and tried to understand the situation, but there were many terms on it, which were totally unfamiliar to me. She noticed the confusion on my face. She took my face into her hands and said, "Honey, they say I'm dying. Doctor sat me down today and explained me about my condition. She said I'm suffering from cervical cancer and that I've reached the chronic stage." And she broke down again. I screamed saying that this was all not true and there must have been a mistake. Everything around me went blur and my world came crashing down to me. Like a man who's world has been ripped apart, I felt my life going out of my hands.

I took her to every hospital, begged every doctor to do some magic and cure her. I knelt down in front of my Lord and wept.I burnt many candles. I spent every penny I ever earned. I always put on a braveface infront of her, but every inch of me was getting wrecked inside. She got worse with each passing day. It was killing me to watch her in pain while they were piercing needles into her fragile body. Despite the pain, she smiled telling me she would return home soon and make me my favorite sphagetti with her hands. How dearly she loved me ! Days passed with me struggling with my trips to the hospital, just to watch her fight with her life, like a hero. Before I could forfeit my fate, she was gone.

My life never got back on the wheels after that day. Even today, all my folks advice me to get medical help. I feel pity for them when they call my love for her a disease. Yes, may be it is and I never want to be cured from it. I wait everyday for her to come and take me away, wherever she is. May be it wont happen anytime soon but I'm sure I will reach her one day. Until then, I will live in her memories.


This is the story of every man who lost his love. A man, may not be intense and deep like a woman, but when he truly loves, there can never be an uncertainity in it. I wrote this article, as a tribute to all the fighters out there. All I ask everyone reading this article is, please take some time off your busy life. Shut down the social media for a while and visit a cancer hospital. Help the true warriors out there. Motivate them. Love them. Spread some light in their fading lives. Make them feel beautiful again. Remember them in your prayers always. Also, educate yourself and your folks about the various causes of cancer. Like it is said, prevention is better than cure, isn't it ? So let's not lose more precious ones. Hold your beloved today and tell them, Hey, I Love you and I'm glad to have you in my life. God Bless !

Friday, 2 August 2013


Okay so what's up with the world these days ? I'm unable to figure out if it is just me or things have been pretty bad around us for long now ! I get petrified walking through the streets these days. I'm beginning to wonder if humans these days are being born without a heart in that bony cage. For once, writing a title for my blog made me feel, no matter how hard you scream out about it, it will never be heard ! But then, I realized, Hey ! my Lord didn't place me on this planet without the so-called "HEART". So, here I am, blurting out words, about the most debated, yet ignored topic in this world-HUMANITY.

This topic didn't just come out of boredom or a need to kill time. It came out of my encounters with some devastating sights in the recent times. If people consider me as a fool, trying to be an activist screaming in the megaphone for justice, I'll say, Hell yeah ! I am an activist ! For humans ! Their rights ! I'm not trying to be a God Mother for the needy here. But dude ? How can you just walk past a beggar dying by the side of the road or slap your own child while getting drunk like a loser ?
I wanted to raise my voice, loud and clear enough for all the zealots and fiends out there. So, yeah, listen up !

1. If you find someone begging at the signal, don't you dare show crazy attitude. If you can't help them, okay just sit in your AC car and drive away. It'l save you some respect ! Don't crib about them not getting a job, go and help them get one. if you can't then, hello ! zip it ! They don't need your expert opinion !

2. If some aged person or a lil' child is shivering by the road in rain, help them. If you can't give money, give them something to cover themselves. If you're cold enough to ignore it, then yeah good luck. I pity your soul-less body.

3. If a girl just stands in the bus-stop, stop that heinous act of undressing her with your eyes. Before you even start fantasizing about her, imagine this ! Some random guy doing the same thing in your own house to someone related to you. I know, I sound extremely cold, but I just don't care, how it sounds. I experienced this myself and it is the worst feeling in the world to be stared at inappropriate places. Get a life you dogs out there !

4. If you have a penis, keep it to yourself dude ! Don't you dare point it at a woman ! Don't you bloody dare getting your desire fulfilled unwillingly. Shame on your existence in this world. You disgusting piece of $@#!%^* ! I wish I could just shoot such men down point blank. And yes ! Women too. If you do the same to a man, well, I have nothing else to say. Being a woman, you need to have that patience and that effing sense never to abuse someone physically. Good luck lady, living a life in hell.

5. This goes out to all the sexists. Before you start discriminating, just remember one thing, before you say man/woman, boy/girl, you are a human being. There is no greater creation of Lord than that. You really should consult a Doctor and get some medicine to cure you of that illness. Although, I doubt if there is a medicine to treat A!#$#%$%^$

6. And now its the turn of the nerds ! You weirdos ! You guys think this world just runs on the wheels of your knowledge ! So, I'd like to hit you guys with a bloody hammer, make you bleed and tell you clear enough-- Nobody is born dumb. If someone is slow at understanding things or concepts or whatever ! he/she isn't dumb. Hell no-one has given you a right to judge somebody like that ! You can never treat a human in that manner and make them suffer, just because you're understanding something and they do not. I do not need to say, all the so-called-great people, well,they weren't nothing like you. So, yeah, we dumb people will walk the red carpet and you stay back in the crowd staring in awe !

7. This goes out to all the girls. You porcelain fragile beauties, nobody is going to give you an award for collecting so many clothes. While you open your overflowing awesone wadrobe everyday and stare at its beauty, there are many lil' girls who suffer each day by the road. If you are a woman, I mean for real, move your ass from the mirror and help a kid. Make her feel beautiful.

8. If a poor animal is hurt by the road, please help. Imagine if you're lying in a pool of blood and nobody helps you ? Scary isn't it ? Even after me painting such a real picture and it doesn't affect you ? Well, I so wish that picture comes true.

I'm done with the reality check now. Well, this isn't written to abuse someone or hurt anybody. I don't know to how many people I can reach out to, or to how many hearts this blog is going to talk to. But yes, I'm brave enough to take a step. I will keep shouting all my life. Like it is always said, even if it touches a single person, i'll be truly glad.

So, people, for a while take a pause from that twitter, facebook nonsense and do something noble. Not for anybody else, for your own self. Because you are a HUMAN. Stay kind. Spread love. Be brave. Feed some empty stomachs. Stand up for a human today !

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Blessing !

"Blessed are those who snuggle and hug, spoil and pamper, boast and brag, for they shall be called Grandmothers !"-Anonymous.

Time flees so very fast. Doesn't it ? Today you see yourself hand in hand with someone special and in a jiffy, you're just left with that memory to reminiscence. Its been two years and not a day goes by without me recollecting you each day ! How surprising is it ? I live each day, feeling that void in my life which can only be filled by you. This person I'm talking about, stands above everything in my life. My Grandmother. I know everyone of you have that lovely bond with your grandmother, yet I will stand firm on my feet and say-"My grandmother rules !".

Two years ago. Same day. Fateful night. She goes to sleep. My world goes upside down. Next morning she's still sleeping, in a box. I crash at her feet all day long. Tears. Helplessness. Those memories still haunt me each day. Reminding me that I've lost the most valuable possession in my life. YOUR LOVE GRANNY. YOU. YOUR TOUCH. YOUR HUG. YOUR SMILE.

I still have so many memories of you. All so real. All of them still breathing. These are a few of the many many stupendous things that I always miss in my life !

1. Her phone call every month. Each time she got her pension, I was the first one she rang up from that one-rupee booth. I remember her bugging the booth guy for coins. All sweet granny talk she did. Oh ! What love she had for me ! Once she completes the call, she got my phone recharged, without fail. With little money she had, she always made a point to share it with her cranky grandaughter.

2.  Her yumm yumm food. She cooked with all her heart. Always. When I used to come home all tired and hungry, super granny came to the rescue. Say whatever, food she fed me will always top the charts of any  amazing diner ever.

3. Her  *awwiieeee* pampering. I loved cuddling up in her lap and dozing off with a book, while she always kept nurturing me. She magically took away all the pain in my heart with her soothing touch.

4. Her style of braiding my hair. Trust me, she does wonders with braiding the hair. She would beat any *so-called-stylists* any day. She loved long hair and I loved flaunting it for her. Just for her.

5. Her *secret-sneak-in* treats. She got me so many chocolates and turned me into chubby girl. She always got me a treat. I turned into a child, with all chuckles at the sight of it.

I could go on. And on. She meant the WORLD to me. She still is ! She took care of me. More than a mother. She made me live. She taught me to survive. She taught me love.

Oh granny-If you're listening, I want to tell you that I love you. I love you more with each passing day. I hug my pillow and cry away in your memory. Today when big things are happening in my life, I do not get to see you. I do not get to come running to you, hug you and tell you, "Look my heroine ! I got a job ! I am an Engineer !" I never get to cry in your lap. I never get to wake up in the night scared and sleep by your side. I never get to give you that foot massage. I never get to laugh insanely with you. I never get to hug you, my love ! Wherever you are angel, I miss you.

All I wanted to convey was, no matter how old you get each day, you grow into a lil' baby for your grandparents. They love. They scold. They nag. They care. However they are, love them. Love them always. Not everyone is unfortunate like me to lose both of them. If you have any of your grandparents still present in your life, GO FRIKKIN TELL THEM, HEY I LOVE YOU MY YOUNGSTER ! If you have lost them, today, sit down. Pray. Pray for their beautiful souls, for there is no greater love like it.

R.I.P MY LOVE ! You will always live. You will always breathe. You will always be cherished. You are my savior. My angel. My blessing.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Forever Young !

Well the thought for this article popped into my head while I was playing with a 3 year old kid this morning. I know kids are adorable and etcetera, but I came across the cutest sight today. This little girl sat down on the floor, with her legs crossed, holding a bowl of chocolate powder. She was extremely careful in making sure, not to spill a spoon out of the bowl.

There's nothing great to that sight, yet she made me smile, thinking of how insanely unblemished that time of childhood is ! If you recollect, I'm pretty sure everyone of us love that one phase of life. Love it ? Oh I would give up everything to live those days again. So, I had this genius idea of listing some classic cliches of that phase.

1. School days ! Putting on those lil' uniforms and those pigtails, kitty backpack, as your mom drags you to school, while you're trying to fake an ache in every possible part of your body. Now ? mother throws on a bucket of water and you drag yourself to go to work, or your boss calls up to give you that early morning blessing while you imagine him being hit by something or drop dead. Also, we take an hour to pick up what to wear that day. Big task, ain't it ?

2. Fights ! Rolling in the mud and hitting each other, while parents pull you away from your so-called-enemy. And why is he your enemy ? He must have either poked you with a pencil or secretly ate up your snack pack. These days ? Reasons can be either getting into a brawl while the traffic gets jammed or Oh! you know what ? he/she put up a status on facebook, which I'm pretty sure it's about me so let me scratch his/her eyes out.

3. Friends ! You make friends with the ones who play with you all the time and share their lunch boxes with you. You would do anything to have that play time fun and never let them go. These days ? If I ask you hey, what's your best friend doing these days ? And I get the reply, I'm not really sure, but I do remember him/her liking my status the other day. I should ping him/her.

4. Parties and Makeup ! You put on your frippery frock or your favorite T-Shirt with Ben 10 on it. Cover your face with talcum powder and *this solely applies to lil girls* lipstick out of the lines. The only excitement would be,"Yay ! I'll get to eat the cake!". Present crowd ? Party ?*this again applies to girls* OMG ! I have a party coming up in a month. I better start shopping now. I have to get a dress, shoes, accessories and blabbityyy blaaah ! *What a huge task, ain't it ?*
And guys ? Let's pick something, drown yourself in perfume and text your friend, "Let's get wasted brother!"

5. Decisions and Responsibilities ! The only big task then was to decide how well to lie to your teacher, to cover up the fact that your mom/dad did the homework for you. Now ? Decide your life, career, aims, goals, life partner, mba or gre or gmat or some other crappy exam *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

6. Thoughts ! The only thought then was which game to play in the next break, when will I get my barbie or my hotwheels track. Now ? How do I update my status in a way it taunts him/her ? How do I make enough money, to get that car ? How do I pay my credit card bill ? How do I get those steve madden's next month ? *waaahhhhhhhhhhh! I'll faint now*

Realize how demented life became now ? We hardly have time for ourselves, let alone the time to reminiscence your memories. I know career and everything else comes first, but don't you miss that life where innocence played a huge part ?

Let's go back. Live that time again. Take a leap of faith. Make a list. Burn Crackers. Call your bestie and say, I Love You ! Hug your security guard and say, "thank you." Someone sad ? Leave a cute message. Make them smile. Get a paint-ball gun. Do gardening. Play cricket in the streets. Break a window glass. Ride a bicycle. Get onto a truck. Play in the hay. Cuddle street dogs. Buy a book for the slum kid. Be a santa for someone deprived. Do wild things. Shout out loud. Travel. Be a hippie. Stay forever young!

Thursday, 30 May 2013


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be ridiculous than be absolutely boring"-
Marlyin Monroe

One strong word "attitude" makes me wonder, what it actually means. From the time I've been growing up, I was asked to stick to some people because of their attitude, also, I was asked to stay away from certain people because of the same word. Funny isn't it ? We use a single word, to determine someone's personality and that one single word determines our chemistry wid 'em. Well, my journey of life so far has taught me some rules of life.

I had tons of people judging me. I learnt lot many lessons. Some were painful, some were fun to learn. So to summarize it, I thought I should list the 10 golden rules and give it a read, each time I start losing out on my morale.

1. Someone judging you because you wear revealing clothes? Tell 'em-I'm proud o God's creation and I'll flaunt it. You're just ashamed o your body. Rather than judging me, sit in a corner and learn to define your own boundaries.

2. Someone hurting you ? Well it ain't 1947 to show your other cheek. Kick them hard in the nuts and make 'em feel that pain o getting stabbed, cuz no one has any written right to hurt you. No One !

3. Someone blackmailing you ? Show your finger and tell 'em to go get a life. So what ? I ditched you. Get your life together and do something with it. You ain't getting successful by spying on me or crying over my life. Tell him you're a COWARD AND A LOSER. Just turn gay, cuz I'm bloody sure you just born without it.

4. Someone bullying you ? Don't take it. Stand up on your frikking feat and aim back at 'em. Tell that person-So what if you good at something ? You can never be a good human being all your life, cuz you are an animal filled with EVIL. Good luck going to hell man, cuz you know what ? It ain't gonna be pretty at all.

5. Someone judging you because you consume alcohol ? Tell 'em- Dude I pity your life cuz you know what sweetheart ? You don't know how to live life and you'l probably die in some old age home sulking about your sad pathetic life, which will come to light wen you're incapable o even feeding yourself.

6. Someone broke your heart ? Stop those useless tears and pull yourself together. You aren't an animal to depend on someone to live. You can write your own destiny. And re-write that person's destiny too. Show him/her that you can, not just survive but LIVE your life way better than he/she can ever imagine.

7. Scared of something/someone ? Don't be too chicken to face the fact. Either solve it or just stop living, cuz you're an insult o God's creation.

8. Failing at something constantly ? Go and get some help. No one ready to teach you ? Stop making  pathetic faces and surf something useful. Don't just learn it, excell in it.

9. Something troubling you ? Well solve it yourself, even if you have to go head over heels for it, rather than paying your savings to some middle aged psychiatrist who will later furnish his apartment with your problem. There is no such problem without a solution you can't find yourself.

10. Finding no reason to live ? Having thoughts of suicide ? Rather than saying it, go do it. Because  you're just a failure. The reason for that failure is YOU. There are lot more people who deserve to live in this world. Atleast you can save some torture to people around YOU.

Keep your attitude alive. Most importantly keep it RIGHT. Don't kill it for anyone. Wanna survive ? Look in the mirror. The solution is standing right in front of yourself. Never cheat nor be cheated. Live but don't let people to live consuming you and your emotions. Remain YOU till eternity.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Let's go somewhere beautiful !


Scorching heat and the disappeared wind ! Nothing else can make your day worse don't you think ? If you wearing on your grumpy pants, then your day can do no good to you ! Most of us are only trying to lock ourselves in a room, while the AC wraps its cold blanket around us. Everyday I sulk about the weather and keep ruining the entire day. While this was going on, I happened to have a beautiful dream.

I lay in my bed, wondering where this life is taking me. With the surprising turn of events, I started to judge everything and everyone around me. I've been listening to constant lectures on how to live life. I get all energized on listening to them, but again my life fades into a sad little picture. Usually, dreams don't make me feel magical but that day, it felt different.

I slipped into a dream and suddenly, I opened my eyes and stepped out of my door. My feet touched the heavenly grass, which was still moist with the dew drops. I looked around and everything was so radiant. I had the beach gushing from the distant. I saw butterflies flying in happiness. Every beautiful flower opening up to the mighty sun. Birds being so chirpy about the sun. Long roads, shining with the sun. The tress dancing with the wind.

I raced my feet through the grass. I walked upto the beach and sat down making castles. I watched the beach play with me while splashing drops on my face. I felt relieved and sane. I witnessed glory. I watched the sun sink into the beach. I was reminded of nothing but divinity. While I sat at the shore of the beach, little fireflies lighting up the view for me, with twinkling stars in the sky.

I gradually woke up from the dream, yet it left me thinking that life only makes you experience your choice, good or bad. You choose and you live it. I've been choosing bad and suffered. Not anymore. I've experienced good and loved it ! It might sound ridiculous, yet a tiny lil gesture changes everything. This dream was my gesture, look for your gesture !

So what if the sun mocks at you ? Put on your sunglasses, hold onto a radiant umbrella, wear a beautiful sundress, smile at the sun, have some yummiee yummiee ice-cream! Watch the night glitter, while the stars lighten up your wait for a new beginning to rise the next day ! Stop cribbing and start loving yourself, cuz you know you're the most special one !  Let's go somewhere beautiful !

Witnessed something beautiful ? Do tell me at Stay Happy this summer :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Treasure Box !

Remember the good old times when you used to save all the precious little things in a treasure box ? I'm sure each one of us took care of it so dearly, by hiding it in a safe place and open it when no one's around. Wonder why I'm talking about all of this now ? My life has been a constant roller coaster ride for sometime now. My new job, new people, hectic work and other things have kept me so busy that my passion for writing, painting, reading have been locked up in a little treasure box.

While I've been busy with everything else in the world, a strange incident happened. I happened to visit my father's college, where he works as a lecturer. I met my dad's assistant. Pretty lady, simple attire and innocent. I sat down talking to her. She walked me through my dad's routine everyday. I was surprised listening to her. When I visited my dad's library, I saw lot many saying and quotes pasted on the wall. I examined them closely. They were dated ages back. I asked his assistant about those posters. She replied saying that, "Every time your dad reads a book and finds something good, he pastes it on this wall."

I went to my dad and asked him,"Why do you paste all this stuff on the wall ? Do you think anyone will ever read it ?" My dad replied,"I know not everyone reads this, but it is my job to do it. Even if one person notices it, it may change his way of life. He may learn something new. I will then be able to sleep with a smile on my face, hoping I helped somebody."

This conversation with my dad made me wonder about my lost passion. Everyone of us have that zeal in us to do something in life. Passion, craziness, to get there, make it happen should be the words that run our life. This busy corporate life just takes everything out and puts in a box. Do you want to see yourself, aged around 60, open your treasure box, find your passion lying helpless there and say to yourself, "I'm too old for this stuff?"

I opened my treasure box today and wrote an article after ages. Miss your passion ? Search for your treasure box, pull your passion out and do something about it. Create a new world. You have one life, live it on the edge. Stand unique. Walk against the crowd. Discover a new YOU !