Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Reason to SMILE !

Its been a while that I have been lost in time, working like a machine. I am burning inside and the screams are suppressed with my lies. I stand there and look at myself in the mirror. My reflection is talking to me, yet I walk away ignoring. Because I was too scared to face the truth. The truth of getting lost in the dark world building inside me.

I don't know the reason, yet I don't want to make any attempts of finding out what has been happening to me. I felt all alone and couln't sense anybody else. This war with myself kept going on. And I was getting accustomed to it. I see no light, no smiles, no love. The whole wide world seems to be turning darker and darker. I just sit there and slid back into thoughts, which saddens me even more. When I try to think about something else, the whole lot of color is just splashed on with black. I go back to where I was. The battle never seems to end. It is surrounding me neck deep and I am willingly getting pulled away with it.

The screeching sound of the car's horn wakes me up from all these mad thoughts. It takes a minute for me to realise where I was. I am sitting in a car, my friends are giggling on some joke, the red signal was beaming in the sun and there was traffic all around. I peep out of the window. I couldn't help but notice one particular boy. He is holding a bunch of aeroplanes and moves from one car to another, trying to sell as many pieces as he can. The sweat shines on his face, with the roaring sun. His body looks weaned out. I could see that hope in his eyes, each time a car's window comes down, hoping that this time he would make money.

Then I realized, here I am sulking over my own life, which is well built and there was that little boy trying to make a penny so that he can eat some food. How selfish we tend to get at times, that we forget the very thought of being so fortunate in this world. How blessed we are, to have a roof under our head while there are people who stuggle their heart out, just so they can buy a brick. I couldn't stop from cursing myself. Maybe I needed a push. A step towards happiness, a step towards life. Life talks to you in mysterious ways, doesn't it ?

All I wanted to convey was, life is indeed short. Don't ruin it by trying to find a reason to be sad. Live life to the fullest. Write a line. Walk without slippers on the grass. Ride a bicycle. Play with the raindrops. Smile at the sun. Turn off your gadgets. Travel without a destination. Build a tent. Sit with a book. Watch a candle burn out. Fall asleep watching the stars. Build endless memories. Stay crazy !

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