Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Birth Of A New Dream !

Here I am, staring at the empty notepad open in front of me. My mind is busy wandering what exactly should be done, to fill this blank canvas in front of me, so that it will bring a smile to the reader as a welcome gift to my world. After hovering through everything in my mind, my heart suddenly pops out a thought saying, "why can't you write about dreams ?" then i thought, each one of us associate with some dream or the other since the time of birth. What else can be more appropriate ? It happened then, the keyboard began to give a language to my feelings.

I'm a simple girl with extraordinary pages of life. Life became splendid when I built a dream for myself. That dream, splashed every possible color into the black and white pages of my life.

It all started one day, when i was traveling in a packed bus, back home. I saw this old lady carrying a huge lump of load on her head, climbing the steps of the bus with utmost difficulty. There was one seat at the steps and she sat down. I kept gazing at her. She pulled out a cloth made purse tucked at her waist. She counted all the change with her weak fingers. She was gasping for breath. All this while, she hugged her basket so close to her heart, as if it were a little child. When it was time to get down, with great care, holding that huge basket, she placed her step down. It was so endearing to watch her. Then a thought strikes in my mind, at this age, when they are supposed to relax, they are working more than their capacity. Don't they deserve to be taken care of, in the most fragile way possible ? While I was busy with these thoughts, I found my signs from the universe. It does sound cliche, but it happened with me. I saw this huge beautiful building having an oval arch with words inscribed on it as "Old Age Home". I found a guy wearing a cap saying, "Nike- Just Do it". After getting down the bus, I got into an auto. He was an old man, driving his heart out. When I paid him on reaching my destination, he blessed me. That's it. My decision was made. Then the birth of a new dream happened, to build an old age home, to make those old,deserted souls to feel alive and young again ! Each time I pass by that building, my heart lightens up in delight, hoping that someday my dream will take its shape.

Everyone of us dream,til the last breath of our lives. Some of us live up to that dream and give it a new life. Some of us make that dream succumb to our daily encounter with life, thereby burying that dream under the blanket of our thoughts forever. Have you ever thought, when you act upto the dream, that one person's life you will change, is your own life ?? You will become your own hero. It is in our hands, to grab that torch of dream and light up the path to your goal. Because once you take that step, there is no looking back ! You don't have to be sleeping for that dream to happen, look around you. The signs are just lying there. Wake up that lazy dream in you and start working. You never know, you might be just taking that step towards a new revolution. When you have that last meal of your life and you look back at those days of your dream coming to life, then you will have "EVERYTHING"