Friday, 2 August 2013


Okay so what's up with the world these days ? I'm unable to figure out if it is just me or things have been pretty bad around us for long now ! I get petrified walking through the streets these days. I'm beginning to wonder if humans these days are being born without a heart in that bony cage. For once, writing a title for my blog made me feel, no matter how hard you scream out about it, it will never be heard ! But then, I realized, Hey ! my Lord didn't place me on this planet without the so-called "HEART". So, here I am, blurting out words, about the most debated, yet ignored topic in this world-HUMANITY.

This topic didn't just come out of boredom or a need to kill time. It came out of my encounters with some devastating sights in the recent times. If people consider me as a fool, trying to be an activist screaming in the megaphone for justice, I'll say, Hell yeah ! I am an activist ! For humans ! Their rights ! I'm not trying to be a God Mother for the needy here. But dude ? How can you just walk past a beggar dying by the side of the road or slap your own child while getting drunk like a loser ?
I wanted to raise my voice, loud and clear enough for all the zealots and fiends out there. So, yeah, listen up !

1. If you find someone begging at the signal, don't you dare show crazy attitude. If you can't help them, okay just sit in your AC car and drive away. It'l save you some respect ! Don't crib about them not getting a job, go and help them get one. if you can't then, hello ! zip it ! They don't need your expert opinion !

2. If some aged person or a lil' child is shivering by the road in rain, help them. If you can't give money, give them something to cover themselves. If you're cold enough to ignore it, then yeah good luck. I pity your soul-less body.

3. If a girl just stands in the bus-stop, stop that heinous act of undressing her with your eyes. Before you even start fantasizing about her, imagine this ! Some random guy doing the same thing in your own house to someone related to you. I know, I sound extremely cold, but I just don't care, how it sounds. I experienced this myself and it is the worst feeling in the world to be stared at inappropriate places. Get a life you dogs out there !

4. If you have a penis, keep it to yourself dude ! Don't you dare point it at a woman ! Don't you bloody dare getting your desire fulfilled unwillingly. Shame on your existence in this world. You disgusting piece of $@#!%^* ! I wish I could just shoot such men down point blank. And yes ! Women too. If you do the same to a man, well, I have nothing else to say. Being a woman, you need to have that patience and that effing sense never to abuse someone physically. Good luck lady, living a life in hell.

5. This goes out to all the sexists. Before you start discriminating, just remember one thing, before you say man/woman, boy/girl, you are a human being. There is no greater creation of Lord than that. You really should consult a Doctor and get some medicine to cure you of that illness. Although, I doubt if there is a medicine to treat A!#$#%$%^$

6. And now its the turn of the nerds ! You weirdos ! You guys think this world just runs on the wheels of your knowledge ! So, I'd like to hit you guys with a bloody hammer, make you bleed and tell you clear enough-- Nobody is born dumb. If someone is slow at understanding things or concepts or whatever ! he/she isn't dumb. Hell no-one has given you a right to judge somebody like that ! You can never treat a human in that manner and make them suffer, just because you're understanding something and they do not. I do not need to say, all the so-called-great people, well,they weren't nothing like you. So, yeah, we dumb people will walk the red carpet and you stay back in the crowd staring in awe !

7. This goes out to all the girls. You porcelain fragile beauties, nobody is going to give you an award for collecting so many clothes. While you open your overflowing awesone wadrobe everyday and stare at its beauty, there are many lil' girls who suffer each day by the road. If you are a woman, I mean for real, move your ass from the mirror and help a kid. Make her feel beautiful.

8. If a poor animal is hurt by the road, please help. Imagine if you're lying in a pool of blood and nobody helps you ? Scary isn't it ? Even after me painting such a real picture and it doesn't affect you ? Well, I so wish that picture comes true.

I'm done with the reality check now. Well, this isn't written to abuse someone or hurt anybody. I don't know to how many people I can reach out to, or to how many hearts this blog is going to talk to. But yes, I'm brave enough to take a step. I will keep shouting all my life. Like it is always said, even if it touches a single person, i'll be truly glad.

So, people, for a while take a pause from that twitter, facebook nonsense and do something noble. Not for anybody else, for your own self. Because you are a HUMAN. Stay kind. Spread love. Be brave. Feed some empty stomachs. Stand up for a human today !


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