Thursday, 24 October 2013

SMART-phone is the new SEXY !

Gone are those times when you had to wait till dawn and walk to the telephone booth, stand in long queues to make a phone call. From the time of birds carrying messages to the time of twitter, we have come a long way. I mean, how cool is that ? Parents are literally dragging their kids to school. Nah! Not because they do not want to be at school, they just want parents to authorize for the phone to tag along.

Let's look at the magic beans smartphones have spilled in our life !

A smartphone makes your mother and father more smart ! Oh, the horror !
Do you remember those days when parents never even knew how to text and now, they're all over social networks ! How many of us flip out at their add requests, change display pictures and lock your phones ?
The last thing I want is for my mother to subscribe to my updates. Hell NO !

A smartphone saves you from SWAG, YOLO crap ! Voila !
We know, you want to walk in to a crowd looking all cool and bursting with attitude. Stop right there. Please save us all from the glittery crap smeared all over your body and grab a smartphone already ! Hey that ryhmed ! Anyway, using words like SWAG, YOLO, CRAY-CRAY, MERKED and other nonsensical words is NOT COOL. What's cool ? Your smartphone !

A smartphone will want to you to get hooked to anything that owns a DSLR !
Mirror, mirror on the wall, Which picture is more sexy on my FACEBOOK wall ! Like I read somewhere, insert rich brat name* photography. Everywhere! Argh ! People, leave it for the professional photographers to have that entitlement. Why do you social birds have to poke your nose in everything ?Every girl finds a photographer hot these ays. Ugh !  Making memories ? I cannot fathom that anymore.

A smartphone can rip of any relationship to pieces and shove the ashes in your face !

One simple statement to justify to this, the "last seen at" feature of whatsapp. I actually knew a couple who called it off because of this madness. If whatsapp is already ruining lives, Facebook, twitter and all other birds had to eat away the last piece of cake too.

I have ranted enough. I'll shut up now, so all you social birdies out there, have a SEXY day ;)


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