Sunday, 9 September 2012


"The Backpack Song" in repeat on my player, my legs swinging in sync, lying amidst the long colorful charts and paint brushes, my eyes looking for you through my thoughts, and I was lost in my very own world. A world of only "YOU AND ME" and no dawn at all. My sunshine was your smile and my very definition of happiness was YOU. Oh ! I would give away everything for that one moment when you encircle me in your arms. And I rest there for eternity, in the happiest place ever.

While my love for you kept building its castle, my phone kept beeping. Irritated, I went for it. I saw YOU flashing with that dented smile, that kills me like it did the very first time. Each time we have a conversation, I still feel nervous carrying a jar full of butterflies, while my kohl smeared eyes glitter to your voice. I immediately ran towards my treasure box where I captured "OUR" moments of the divine LOVE we share.

There were many memories breathing in it. I never liked PINK and the idea of being whiny nor gooey romantic. But when YOU happened, my world turned upside down *I know, it does sound very cliche*. I kept digging into the box and it was magical. The first piece of paper from the class where we first met, tickets from the journey we first shared together, bills from the meal we first had, those whole lot of dried up roses, tiny glittering vintage showpiece, the scrapbook you made for me, the letters i wrote for you, my journal and many more.

Everything just took me back to that crazy journey we had together. That journey when we walked against the crowd, making our own destiny, writing our own LOVE STORY. We were reckless and we lived our age. We didn't care. We walked miles, traveled for endless hours, just to see each other. How much I miss those homecomings. Each time either one of us stepped out of that train, we engulfed each other, as though it will be the last time ever. That going-away kiss filled in the void when we stayed apart. And there was no looking back, because we loved each other too much. And we said to each other "There's NO WAY I could let you go".

Coming back to the present time *because I have to !*, I still miss those days. I miss every bit of my growing up, with YOU. I miss myself, with YOU. I miss EVERYTHING about YOU. Because our story was SIMPLE, yet the BEST, just like him. We did write letters to each other, despite gmail,skype,etc etc. We did have those lonely walks and those never ending talks looking upto the stars. Huge cars, coffee shops, popcorn baskets and movies blah blah never existed because we built a world that was simple. We traveled for long hours in that slow train, just to feel that ecstasy when we saw each other after one crazy lonely period of staying apart.

Sometimes, life is worth living when it is just the sane and serene part of the world without the-so-called-pretentious-phones, the-we-flaunt-our-love-through-Facebook, those dates where the actors of some movie are also accompanying you, those vexed up coffee shops and UFF ! the mad list goes on. Take a moment and try creating some simple memories. Write a letter. Watch the sun doze off with that ONLY ONE. Walk hand in hand. Take a walk. Hug like there is no tomorrow and never let go. Kiss while the stars twinkle. Love more than you did the previous second. Create your own LOVE STORY.

Any of you who wanna share their stories ? i'm all ears. Do tell me, I'm just an email away.