Thursday, 30 May 2013


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be ridiculous than be absolutely boring"-
Marlyin Monroe

One strong word "attitude" makes me wonder, what it actually means. From the time I've been growing up, I was asked to stick to some people because of their attitude, also, I was asked to stay away from certain people because of the same word. Funny isn't it ? We use a single word, to determine someone's personality and that one single word determines our chemistry wid 'em. Well, my journey of life so far has taught me some rules of life.

I had tons of people judging me. I learnt lot many lessons. Some were painful, some were fun to learn. So to summarize it, I thought I should list the 10 golden rules and give it a read, each time I start losing out on my morale.

1. Someone judging you because you wear revealing clothes? Tell 'em-I'm proud o God's creation and I'll flaunt it. You're just ashamed o your body. Rather than judging me, sit in a corner and learn to define your own boundaries.

2. Someone hurting you ? Well it ain't 1947 to show your other cheek. Kick them hard in the nuts and make 'em feel that pain o getting stabbed, cuz no one has any written right to hurt you. No One !

3. Someone blackmailing you ? Show your finger and tell 'em to go get a life. So what ? I ditched you. Get your life together and do something with it. You ain't getting successful by spying on me or crying over my life. Tell him you're a COWARD AND A LOSER. Just turn gay, cuz I'm bloody sure you just born without it.

4. Someone bullying you ? Don't take it. Stand up on your frikking feat and aim back at 'em. Tell that person-So what if you good at something ? You can never be a good human being all your life, cuz you are an animal filled with EVIL. Good luck going to hell man, cuz you know what ? It ain't gonna be pretty at all.

5. Someone judging you because you consume alcohol ? Tell 'em- Dude I pity your life cuz you know what sweetheart ? You don't know how to live life and you'l probably die in some old age home sulking about your sad pathetic life, which will come to light wen you're incapable o even feeding yourself.

6. Someone broke your heart ? Stop those useless tears and pull yourself together. You aren't an animal to depend on someone to live. You can write your own destiny. And re-write that person's destiny too. Show him/her that you can, not just survive but LIVE your life way better than he/she can ever imagine.

7. Scared of something/someone ? Don't be too chicken to face the fact. Either solve it or just stop living, cuz you're an insult o God's creation.

8. Failing at something constantly ? Go and get some help. No one ready to teach you ? Stop making  pathetic faces and surf something useful. Don't just learn it, excell in it.

9. Something troubling you ? Well solve it yourself, even if you have to go head over heels for it, rather than paying your savings to some middle aged psychiatrist who will later furnish his apartment with your problem. There is no such problem without a solution you can't find yourself.

10. Finding no reason to live ? Having thoughts of suicide ? Rather than saying it, go do it. Because  you're just a failure. The reason for that failure is YOU. There are lot more people who deserve to live in this world. Atleast you can save some torture to people around YOU.

Keep your attitude alive. Most importantly keep it RIGHT. Don't kill it for anyone. Wanna survive ? Look in the mirror. The solution is standing right in front of yourself. Never cheat nor be cheated. Live but don't let people to live consuming you and your emotions. Remain YOU till eternity.