Sunday, 21 April 2013

Let's go somewhere beautiful !


Scorching heat and the disappeared wind ! Nothing else can make your day worse don't you think ? If you wearing on your grumpy pants, then your day can do no good to you ! Most of us are only trying to lock ourselves in a room, while the AC wraps its cold blanket around us. Everyday I sulk about the weather and keep ruining the entire day. While this was going on, I happened to have a beautiful dream.

I lay in my bed, wondering where this life is taking me. With the surprising turn of events, I started to judge everything and everyone around me. I've been listening to constant lectures on how to live life. I get all energized on listening to them, but again my life fades into a sad little picture. Usually, dreams don't make me feel magical but that day, it felt different.

I slipped into a dream and suddenly, I opened my eyes and stepped out of my door. My feet touched the heavenly grass, which was still moist with the dew drops. I looked around and everything was so radiant. I had the beach gushing from the distant. I saw butterflies flying in happiness. Every beautiful flower opening up to the mighty sun. Birds being so chirpy about the sun. Long roads, shining with the sun. The tress dancing with the wind.

I raced my feet through the grass. I walked upto the beach and sat down making castles. I watched the beach play with me while splashing drops on my face. I felt relieved and sane. I witnessed glory. I watched the sun sink into the beach. I was reminded of nothing but divinity. While I sat at the shore of the beach, little fireflies lighting up the view for me, with twinkling stars in the sky.

I gradually woke up from the dream, yet it left me thinking that life only makes you experience your choice, good or bad. You choose and you live it. I've been choosing bad and suffered. Not anymore. I've experienced good and loved it ! It might sound ridiculous, yet a tiny lil gesture changes everything. This dream was my gesture, look for your gesture !

So what if the sun mocks at you ? Put on your sunglasses, hold onto a radiant umbrella, wear a beautiful sundress, smile at the sun, have some yummiee yummiee ice-cream! Watch the night glitter, while the stars lighten up your wait for a new beginning to rise the next day ! Stop cribbing and start loving yourself, cuz you know you're the most special one !  Let's go somewhere beautiful !

Witnessed something beautiful ? Do tell me at Stay Happy this summer :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Treasure Box !

Remember the good old times when you used to save all the precious little things in a treasure box ? I'm sure each one of us took care of it so dearly, by hiding it in a safe place and open it when no one's around. Wonder why I'm talking about all of this now ? My life has been a constant roller coaster ride for sometime now. My new job, new people, hectic work and other things have kept me so busy that my passion for writing, painting, reading have been locked up in a little treasure box.

While I've been busy with everything else in the world, a strange incident happened. I happened to visit my father's college, where he works as a lecturer. I met my dad's assistant. Pretty lady, simple attire and innocent. I sat down talking to her. She walked me through my dad's routine everyday. I was surprised listening to her. When I visited my dad's library, I saw lot many saying and quotes pasted on the wall. I examined them closely. They were dated ages back. I asked his assistant about those posters. She replied saying that, "Every time your dad reads a book and finds something good, he pastes it on this wall."

I went to my dad and asked him,"Why do you paste all this stuff on the wall ? Do you think anyone will ever read it ?" My dad replied,"I know not everyone reads this, but it is my job to do it. Even if one person notices it, it may change his way of life. He may learn something new. I will then be able to sleep with a smile on my face, hoping I helped somebody."

This conversation with my dad made me wonder about my lost passion. Everyone of us have that zeal in us to do something in life. Passion, craziness, to get there, make it happen should be the words that run our life. This busy corporate life just takes everything out and puts in a box. Do you want to see yourself, aged around 60, open your treasure box, find your passion lying helpless there and say to yourself, "I'm too old for this stuff?"

I opened my treasure box today and wrote an article after ages. Miss your passion ? Search for your treasure box, pull your passion out and do something about it. Create a new world. You have one life, live it on the edge. Stand unique. Walk against the crowd. Discover a new YOU !