Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Idiot Box !

Remember the times when you walk into your house and find all the ladies of the house glued to the television? It's like our mothers don't exist in this world anymore and until its midnight, they refuse to depart from the screen. *Statutory Warning: DO NOT WAKE THE MOTHERS WHILE WATCHING TELEVISION.*

Seriously, what's the deal with you guys? Why this kolaveri di for us I ask ?!

TV stars are earning big bucks these days with the rising value of the industry. Who increases the TRP for all their shows and furnish their apartments by the beachside ? Our susceptible MOTHERS ! Oh ! What an overweening moment !

I tried to understand the (black)magic of this tiny world, which left me perplexed. So, here are my pearls of wisdom.

The saas-bahu edge-of-the-seat drama!
Have you ever experienced something so bad that tears open all the neurons in your head ? If you haven't, then all the daily soaps are here to dwell you in the psychotic drama. Also, they charge you for the cable ! Hey, don't blame them, it is an art to make people throw up incessantly ! Oh ! The saas and bahu rewind-and-repeat-sequence of the slaps with the nerve-wracking background score, the extra marital affairs and their debauched lives. Lord, save us !

The walking dead !

Do I need to explain this ? No, I'm not talking about vampires and zombies. As eerie as it sounds for us unconventional ones, the uncanny daily soap guys find this very silly. Hello ! Stop judging, their dead ones emerge effortlessly from the graves and this stunt requires no thunderstorms or witches. Sometimes, they even get an insane plastic surgery done with no signs of PTSD. Yes, they are that nonchalant. I told ya, they're not from this planet.

The blessed ones !
All the daily soap ladies have an astounding gift. And what is that ? They can wake up from sleep, cook, play politics, stab each others back but ! Not a strand of their hair will get messed up, their lip gloss never dries out, they wear expensive jewellery even while cooking(they never get robbed too) and their sarees never get crumbled even while getting straight out of bed. WOW ! I'm seriously feeling insecure and covetous. o.0

The reality shows !
I'll just say one thing about this, all ogres at one place, left open to pry on each other. So, I'll leave it you for
the imagination.

Before I wrap it up, a lil' something for all the CID fans because CID is always LEGEN-wait for daya to bang open the door-DARY :D


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  3. Wow really good work, out of the box thinking.
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