Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Blessing !

"Blessed are those who snuggle and hug, spoil and pamper, boast and brag, for they shall be called Grandmothers !"-Anonymous.

Time flees so very fast. Doesn't it ? Today you see yourself hand in hand with someone special and in a jiffy, you're just left with that memory to reminiscence. Its been two years and not a day goes by without me recollecting you each day ! How surprising is it ? I live each day, feeling that void in my life which can only be filled by you. This person I'm talking about, stands above everything in my life. My Grandmother. I know everyone of you have that lovely bond with your grandmother, yet I will stand firm on my feet and say-"My grandmother rules !".

Two years ago. Same day. Fateful night. She goes to sleep. My world goes upside down. Next morning she's still sleeping, in a box. I crash at her feet all day long. Tears. Helplessness. Those memories still haunt me each day. Reminding me that I've lost the most valuable possession in my life. YOUR LOVE GRANNY. YOU. YOUR TOUCH. YOUR HUG. YOUR SMILE.

I still have so many memories of you. All so real. All of them still breathing. These are a few of the many many stupendous things that I always miss in my life !

1. Her phone call every month. Each time she got her pension, I was the first one she rang up from that one-rupee booth. I remember her bugging the booth guy for coins. All sweet granny talk she did. Oh ! What love she had for me ! Once she completes the call, she got my phone recharged, without fail. With little money she had, she always made a point to share it with her cranky grandaughter.

2.  Her yumm yumm food. She cooked with all her heart. Always. When I used to come home all tired and hungry, super granny came to the rescue. Say whatever, food she fed me will always top the charts of any  amazing diner ever.

3. Her  *awwiieeee* pampering. I loved cuddling up in her lap and dozing off with a book, while she always kept nurturing me. She magically took away all the pain in my heart with her soothing touch.

4. Her style of braiding my hair. Trust me, she does wonders with braiding the hair. She would beat any *so-called-stylists* any day. She loved long hair and I loved flaunting it for her. Just for her.

5. Her *secret-sneak-in* treats. She got me so many chocolates and turned me into chubby girl. She always got me a treat. I turned into a child, with all chuckles at the sight of it.

I could go on. And on. She meant the WORLD to me. She still is ! She took care of me. More than a mother. She made me live. She taught me to survive. She taught me love.

Oh granny-If you're listening, I want to tell you that I love you. I love you more with each passing day. I hug my pillow and cry away in your memory. Today when big things are happening in my life, I do not get to see you. I do not get to come running to you, hug you and tell you, "Look my heroine ! I got a job ! I am an Engineer !" I never get to cry in your lap. I never get to wake up in the night scared and sleep by your side. I never get to give you that foot massage. I never get to laugh insanely with you. I never get to hug you, my love ! Wherever you are angel, I miss you.

All I wanted to convey was, no matter how old you get each day, you grow into a lil' baby for your grandparents. They love. They scold. They nag. They care. However they are, love them. Love them always. Not everyone is unfortunate like me to lose both of them. If you have any of your grandparents still present in your life, GO FRIKKIN TELL THEM, HEY I LOVE YOU MY YOUNGSTER ! If you have lost them, today, sit down. Pray. Pray for their beautiful souls, for there is no greater love like it.

R.I.P MY LOVE ! You will always live. You will always breathe. You will always be cherished. You are my savior. My angel. My blessing.


  1. This post just brought me to tears, Haritha. I can so well relate to this. If only my grand-mother was around, things would have been so different. So very different!

  2. Awww ! Honey I feel the same too. Life would have been a cake walk with em around !