Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Valiant Princess !


I woke up today hoping it would be just another lousy Sunday. Then the show, "Satyameva Jayate" happened. I've been waiting for some inspiration to write something meaningful. I finally found it.
There are many women in this country who are victims of sexual harassment everyday and are threatened to death, if they ever come forward with their story. I see college guys, who consider themselves to be studs if they hang out with two or three women. I have seen middle aged men who still stare obscenely. I have seen old men still plunging out evil. Not just psychopath strangers, even men among some families talk cheap and heinous things to girls who are half their age. There are men who forget the woman's age and pull them to bed when drunk. When a 94 year old woman can be raped, a 5 year old tiny tot being raped isn't big news either.

In the name of religion, some people have visions and they prohibit their son from hanging out with a girl because "GOD" came in a dream and told them that this girl is "Evil, like a snake." Another religion believes in killing the girl child and offering her as a sacrifice to "GOD." Few parents walk upto every church, temple and mosque. They pray and offer everything at hand, because "GOD" will bless them with a boy  instead of a girl. Even "GOD" isn't spared in this terrible world. Sad, isn't it ?

Today I consider myself unfortunate for being a part of this world, where monsters like you rapists were ever given oxygen. How easy it must have been for you, while running your awry fingers and committing a heinous crime.

When a girl smiles at you, you start building a castle. When she hugs you, you start imagining to sleep with her in that castle. When she refuses to give into your wants, you rape her in that very own castle. Then suppress her cries inside the walls stained with her blood. And you walk with your head in pride. Your crime will remain unnoticed. You will remain unpunished.

A woman is sane in her ways and would never have thoughts of harming you, unless you come onto her. She is a born princess. She dresses up only for herself, but not for you to howl like a wolf on seeing her. She smiles at you, only because she is polite. She hugs you only to tell yo that you are a dear friend. She will love because she thinks you are worthy enough. She will live with you till the last minute even when she knows you are a beast. If she ever walked away from you, it is only because she cannot keep you happy. Be grateful that she let you off the hook instead of pouring acid on her face or burning her alive.

Use your ROTTEN brains. Be a huMAN. Use your guts to save HER, but DO NOT use it ON HER. Look into her eyes, not at her CHEST. Love her, not her BODY. Live but do not KILL. Applaud for her but do not ABUSE her. Comfort her but DO NOT RAPE her. Treat her like a VALIANT PRINCESS. 


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